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Sunday Service : God’s Healing on Leprosy:Unconditional Love Has the Power to Change People

Sunday Service


On May 6, Gratia Community Church had a very graceful Sunday service. Pastor Walker delivered the message with the scripture of Luke 17:11-19 entitled "Where are the other nine?" and the message touched all congregation realizing the healing from God is done by His unconditional love and recognize all to give Thanks to Him. Below is the summary of the message.  

"These 10 men had Leprosy, and it has application to our lives today. There are 3 characteristics of this disease that have application to our lives today. The first is sin, which starts small like one infectious patch, but spreads all over us. The more sin spread, it desensitizes us so we don't even know that we are sinning. The second is isolation, these lepers were outcast, we do this to ourselves. We close off our hearts to God, keep to ourselves not in the city, but outside. The third characteristic is it is a terminal illness, it was incurable. Living in sin inside of this world, there is no cure, the only way is to go to Jesus. And so this disease is this kind of sickness that we could be facing as well."

"And it's not just the sickness itself, but how other people reacted to the sickness. People were afraid of catching the disease, so lepers were isolated away, if you saw one. People did not want to get close to a leper, wanted to stay as far away as possible. That is exactly what we do to other people as well. For many different reasons, we don't want to get close to the person with leprosy."

But Jesus got close to these 10 lepers. This is the amazing love of Jesus that he lived with his whole life, he lived the word that he preached. The uniqueness of Jesus is that he didn't only come as a great teacher, but he lived it. These lepers were the most unloved people in the world, isolated people, people no one wanted touch. Leprosy desensitizes you to the sense of touch.But it did not desensitize them to the reach of love. Here is Jesus getting close to them, being together with them, being with 10 lepers. With love, Jesus is taking these people, bringing them close to him, loving them. Unconditional love has the power to change people, this is the truth that Jesus showed us in his life

So ten of them were healed, but what happens next is only one of them gives thanks.

Here's the thing that so often happens in faith, we are only thankful for the most obvious things. Our faith in God is limited to only what we can see that He tangibly does in our lives. God has unconditional love for us, but we put conditions on our love for God. We are only thankful when we see exactly what tangibly he has done for us in our lives. What happens is that so often we forget God's grace in our lives, or we become too accustomed to them. We forget that grace is grace, and instead we treat grace as if it is expected, no longer becomes grace.

Benjamin Franklin said, "Contentment makes a poor man rich; but discontent makes a rich man poor." The Lord gives us strength no matter what circumstance we are in. God has done so many things in our life-healing you emotionally, physically, relationally, spiritually. Take some time to trace at least one good thing you've ever done or accomplished or earned in life. Try to trace back to a root or a source for which you can thank God, and do that, thank Him. 



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