Gratia Community Church

Gratia Church Holds One-day Retreat with Overflowing Grace


Gratia church held one-day retreat on October 6, 2018 with the attendees from SFSU and UCLA campus bible study group. There was two bible studies, one in the morning and another in the afternoon. Pastor Julia shared message focused on the meaning of the cross from Matthew 26-27.

Following the bible study, there was prayer time to pray for each other. Members prayed for each young bible study students for their growth and openness of their heart to God. After the graceful prayer time, Joanne led the group activities both indoors and outdoors. The time was great for all members can know each other and was able to enjoy the team work. It was fun and refreshed time.

Through the retreat, young members grew a lot in faith by understanding the meaning of the cross; how precious the cross is and how great of God's love is. We pray that all attendees hold the grace that they have received during the retreat and experience the guidance of the Holy Spirit in their life.



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