Gratia Community Church

Gratia Church Had Graceful Thanksgiving Service and Dinner

Thanksgiving ServiceThanksgiving ServiceThanksgiving Service

Gratia church had a graceful Thanksgiving service and dinner on November 22. Pastor Tzeng delivered the message based on Psalm 100 with the title of " for the Lord is good and his love endures forever". 

"When we enter the gate of heaven, there is only thing that we can bring to God. That is the thanksgiving. People can be thankful for the material blessings but we cannot bring those things to heaven. All the blessings that we have received is not just a material blessings but the true relationship that God opened for us through Jesus Christ. Also as we look back all the lives that we walked, there are always God's loving hands that guided our life. We need to be thankful for all things and all circumstances." said pastor Tzeng.

After the service, members had a Thanksgiving dinner. All members brought the food to share with each other and there was abundance of grace and joy. May God bless the each members even more as they are live the life of thankfulness. 



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