Gratia Community Church

Gratia Church Initiates Care Program For the Church Growth


Gratia church held monthly meeting with members on November 18 after Sunday service to discuss the church growth. Meeting started with the explanation of the importance role of each devoted members in Gratia church. Also they discussed how to take care of the young members who have been attending the Sunday service and bible studies regularly.

Members came up with the idea creating care program so that mature members can take care of one young people by making a phone call once a week, having the conversation, and building the relationship. The care program will be implemented from next week after the formal announcement. Members also discussed the Christmas retreat's schedule and location.

The monthly meeting was a great time for members to be strengthened by each other and also they can see the great hope for the church growth by their unity. May God's grace and mercy overflow in Gratia church so that more young members can see the work of Holy Spirit in the church.



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