Gratia Community Church

Gratia Church First Sunday Service 2019 With Hope


Gratia church offered it's first Sunday service with the message "You have saved the best till now" from John 2:1-11. Pastor Tzeng exhorted members to look at the life as the same as Jesus does and have the hope even in the middle of the filling 6 jars of water because God is going to change our quantitive life to a qualitative difference. Below is the summary of the message.

"As we look at the Bible, Paul describes the church as the bride and Jesus as the bridegroom. John the Baptist also talks about this. As we look at our lives, who and what is the bridegroom of our life? What do we love and are passionate? There was time Jesus was not known in this world, attending another banquet of another bridegroom. There was a time that Jesus was not yet known in my life and we have another bridegroom of our life. What is faith? Faith is putting Jesus Christ as our bridegroom, accepting a personal relationship with him. That personal relationship should be passionate with Jesus at the center of our life, not something else."

"To perform this miracle, Jesus took 6 huge stone heavy water jars and filled them up water. during this process of filling the 6 large stone jars, there's the difference between servants and Jesus. The servants fill the water and expect water comes out, Jesus sees water and knows wine come out. For the ones with Jesus at the center of our lives, we must see things the way Jesus does with faith. It's not that the miracle happened immediately, but there is a long process of filling up stone water jars. To see something great and amazing, there is always a long arduous process of time to fill up the jars. The world is so cynical and pessimistic about so many things, water is just water - that is true. But Jesus has different eyes, he sees how that water will turn into wine in the future. That is exactly what faith is, faith is already seeing how things will be in future, no simply just now. When we see things just in the here and now, we can look at things pessimistically without hope. But if we live with faith, we see how things are going to be and we live positively with hope. "

"When we do taste that wine and look back process filling water, everything makes sense. That is God's guidance in our life, everything has a reason, He keeps guiding us to something better. What is the banquet of Jesus Christ? The banquet of Jesus Christ is the Kingdom of Heaven. The Kingdom of heaven is a complete quality difference, a quality you see by actually tasting it. Outwardly looking, the Kingdom may not be flashy, rich, nice building, and fancy. But there is an innate difference in quality on the inside that you can only know when you taste it. The master of the banquet said, "You have saved the best till now" - That's the difference Christ gives us. Really, we must pray for this, to pursue the next level of qualitative change in our life in Christ. After we fill up our time here on earth, we make a qualitative change to eternal life in heaven. I hope we can remember that this is where banquet in Jesus ultimately goes. So during our time on earth, I hope we can fill up our time well, each year getting better and better."

After the service, members had a time of break bread and enjoyed the time of fellowship meal. The new year 2019 has come and members wanted to have the new year be hopeful and faithful. May the grace of God be with all members so that they can taste the miracle happens in their lives.




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