Gratia Community Church

Gratia Church Spring Break Retreat Concluds in Thankful Heart and Overflowing Grace


Gratia Church concluded 3-day spring break retreat with abundant grace on March 26. Pastor Julia preached in the closing service on Matthew 13:44-50. She preached the message about the parable of the hidden treasure, the parable of the merchant looking for a fine pearl, and the parable of the net. 

After the Closing service, each member shared the message according to the prepared discussion topic and group leader presented it in front of others. Through the time of discussion, members took time to apply the message into the life and showed their life changing determination. They precisely detailed how should live and what to change to live the life of true followers of Jesus. 

After the lunch, all went hiking and had a graceful time of testimony on the mountain. Everyone testified that they had a wonderful time during retreat, they feel relaxed physically and also spiritually filled abundantly and experienced deep love together as a family in Jesus Christ. 

They all gave thanks to God for His guidance over the spring break retreat and everyone received abundant grace. They are also excited to hear about the next gathering in summer. May all participants regard Jesus Christ as the treasure and sell everything that they have to buy it. May God continually guides the Southwest region's mission development and bring the revival.  



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