Gratia Community Church


giving tree

Without God, I could not have come to where I am now.I did not know the purpose of my life and neither did I know my real value on the earth before I came to know God a few years ago. I tried to win other's approval to prove myself to be an important person. I was longing for romantic relationship but no one accepted me.

After Bible studies I came to know God. I realized that it is God who created me and in the image of love He created me. That is why I was longing for love. However only God can satisfy my strongest desire for love because only God's love is unconditional and unchanging.

Through Jesus Christ I came to know God's love at the peak. God so loved me a sinner, His enemy that he could sacrifice his one and only Son to die at the cross for my sins to save me.

I found my value and purpose of life in God's love.

I truly want to spread God's love to everyone!

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