Gratia Community Church



At Gratia Community Church we are fully committed to fulfill the Great Commission that the Lord Jesus Christ appointed His disciples to follow. As committed followers of Christ, we not only hear the gospel, but also follow the footsteps of Christ in feeding the lost sheep so that many people can find true life in Christ. Therefore, we wish to spread the Good News of the Gospel to every city, neighborhood, and community.

Gratia Community Church is rapidly growing and expanding while it sets up multiple church sites at nearby cities. Currently, we are located in San Francisco, Oakland City, and we plan to expand into nearby cities such as San Jose, Sacramento. We believe that in order to share the joy of salvation that comes through Jesus Christ, we must consider the most strategic method in reaching hundreds and thousands of people. Church planting allows our congregation to put the gospel into practice and reach the masses with the message from the Scripture. In this way, we can truly heal the wounded, influence lives, and change the world with the knowledge of Christ.

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