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Sunday Service : God’s Healing on Leprosy:Unconditional Love Has the Power to Change People

On May 6, Gratia Community Church had a very graceful Sunday service. Pastor Walker delivered the message with the scripture of Luke 17:11-19 entitled "Where are the other nine?" and the message touched all congregation realizing the healing from God

Gratia Church Campus Evangelism Strengthens the Mission

Gratia Church youth members are getting more involved in the campus evangelism. During the break between the class, they gather on the campus and share the gospel to the students in the State University. They invite new people to come to know God so

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Pentecost Sunday Service

Pentecost is a Christian celebration which occurs fifty days after the Christian celebration of Easter.Gratia Community Church is to hold Pentecost Sunday Service on May 20 Sunday.


Free Mandarin Class for Adults

These classes are for beginners so anyone and everyone is welcome! Students will be taught from native speakers in each language. We will begin with the alphabets of each language and the basics of conversation.

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Alvin's testimony

Without God, I could not have come to where I am now.Without God. I did not know the purpose of my life and neither did I know my real value on the earth before I came to know God a few years ago. I tried to win other's approval to prove myself to be an important person. I was longing for romantic relationship but no one accepted me.

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