Gratia Community Church


Sunday Service

Sunday Service : God’s Healing on Leprosy:Unconditional Love Has the Power to Change People

On May 6, Gratia Community Church had a very graceful Sunday service. Pastor Walker delivered the message with the scripture of Luke 17:11-19 entitled "Where are the other nine?" and the message touched all congregation realizing the healing from God is done by His unconditional love and recognize

campus evangelism

Gratia Church Campus Evangelism Strengthens the Mission

Gratia Church youth members are getting more involved in the campus evangelism. During the break between the class, they gather on the campus and share the gospel to the students in the State University. They invite new people to come to know God so that they can receive salvation through Jesus

church flier

A Student Handwrote Beautiful Evangelism Flier

Patrizia, a student among the bible study handwrote a beautiful evangelism flier with cute drawing. She wants to promote the campus bible study to more students. Church ministers and Patrizia will use this new evangelism flier inviting students to the bible study. We pray that more people can be

Campus Bible study

SF Gratia Thursday Campus Bible Study Praise Songs Resounded Through the Campus

After Thursday campus group bible study, the students gathered at the center of the campus grass field sang praise songs with guitar play.

Gratia Community Church Easter Retreat

Gratia Community Church Concluded 2018 Easter Retreat with Overflowing Grace

Gratia Community Church concluded 2018 Easter Retreat with overflowing grace. Members had graceful bible studies, shared grace, prayed and had fun in outdoor activities throughout the 3 days retreat.

Gratia Easter Fellowship

Gratia Members Had Graceful and Beautiful Fellowship During the Retreat

Gatia Community Church members had a beautiful fellowship in Jesus Christ during the retreat. They cooked, prayed and had fun together. The love and joy in Jesus Christ overflowed in the retreat.

Gratia Easter Children Program

Gratia Church Children Learned Faith During the Easter

Gratia Communuty Church held Kids Easter Retreat during the Easter. Kids learned bible and had fun outdoor activities and especially they loved the egg hunts. Also Kids program prepared " feet washing" event that parents washed their kids feet to show the humbleness of Jesus Christ.

Service Invitation Card

Gratia Ministers Deliver Service Invitation Card Door to Door

Gratia church ministers, Pastor Julia and Nancy visited every door to door in a neighbor to distribute the service invitation card." I pray for each house when I deliver the invitation card. I believe that this is the invitation of God and they will be saved when they respond to His invitation."

campus evangelism

Gratia Church Youth Members Participate in Campus Evangelism

Youth members from Gratia Community church are very active in campus evangelism. They gather every Sunday after the Sunday service and go to San Francisco State University to invite young people to Bible study. Pray that more people come to know God and they can find truth and peace in God.

Gratia Church Easter Retreat

Gratia Community Church Holds Easter Retreat from March 30 - April 1

Gratia Community Church will hold Easter Retreat from March 30 to April 1, 2018. Today Gratia Church confirmed the Easter Retreat Center at Susanna Bird Hall Retreat Center located in San Anselmo where 40 min driving distance from San Francisco.