Gratia Community Church



Gratia Church Had A Graceful Thursday Fellowship

Gratia church had a graceful Thursday fellowship on December 20, 2018. Pastor Julia shared the message about the life of Jesus based on John 1.

Christmas Retreat

Gratia Community Church Held Graceful 2018 Christmas Retreat

Gratia community church held graceful 2018 Christmas retreat from December 23-25, 2018 at San Francisco Theological Seminary Retreat center in San Anselmo with the theme "God with us".


Gratia Church First Sunday Service 2019 With Hope

Gratia church offered it's first Sunday service with the message "You have saved the best till now" from John 2:1-11. Pastor Tzeng exhorted members to look at the life as the same as Jesus does and have the hope even in the middle of the filling 6 jars of water because God is going to change our


Gratia Church Initiates Care Program For the Church Growth

Gratia church held monthly meeting with members on November 18 after Sunday service to discuss the church growth. Meeting started with the explanation of the importance role of each devoted members in Gratia church. Also they discussed how to take care of the young members who have been attending

Christmas Retreat

2018 Christmas Retreat Date and Location Is Confirmed

2018 Christmas retreat's date and location is confirmed. The retreat will be held from Dec 23 to 25 at San Francisco Theological Seminary(SFTS) in San Anselmo which is 40 min driveway from San Francisco and it is the same place where the Easter retreat was held in 2018.

Thanksgiving Service

Gratia Church Had Graceful Thanksgiving Service and Dinner

Gratia church had a graceful Thanksgiving service and dinner on November 22. Pastor Walker delivered the message based on Psalm 100, with the title “ for the Lord is good and his love endures forever”.


Gratia Church Fellowship Hiking On Columbus Day

Gratia church had a wonderful time hiking the Mount Tamalpais on Columbus Day. Members had a wonderful time with each other hiking 6 hours to the summit. Members praised God's beautiful creation and His love toward the mankind and they were all refreshed and had a fun time together.


Gratia Church Celebrates Mid-Autumn Festival with Chinese Members

Gratia church celebrated Mid-Autumn Festival with Chinese bible study students at pastor Walker's house. They gathered at night and had a hot pot dinner along with moon cake. It was great time to be together as spiritual family celebrating the Chinese festival.


Gratia Church Holds One-day Retreat with Overflowing Grace

Gratia church held one-day retreat on October 6, 2018 with the attendees from SFSU and UCLA campus bible study group. There was two bible studies, one in the morning and another in the afternoon. Pastor Julia shared message focused on the meaning of the cross from Matthew 26-27.


Gratia Chuch Has An Open House Fellowship on Labor Day

Gratia Church had a warm and meaningful house fellowship with bible study students on Labor Day.