Gratia Community Church



Gratia Church Fellowship Hiking On Columbus Day

Gratia church had a wonderful time hiking the Mount Tamalpais on Columbus Day. Members had a wonderful time with each other hiking 6 hours to the summit. Members praised God's beautiful creation and His love toward the mankind and they were all refreshed and had a fun time together.


Gratia Church Celebrates Mid-Autumn Festival with Chinese Members

Gratia church celebrated Mid-Autumn Festival with Chinese bible study students at pastor Walker's house. They gathered at night and had a hot pot dinner along with moon cake. It was great time to be together as spiritual family celebrating the Chinese festival.


Gratia Church Holds One-day Retreat with Overflowing Grace

Gratia church held one-day retreat on October 6, 2018 with the attendees from SFSU and UCLA campus bible study group. There was two bible studies, one in the morning and another in the afternoon. Pastor Julia shared message focused on the meaning of the cross from Matthew 26-27.


Gratia Chuch Has An Open House Fellowship on Labor Day

Gratia Church had a warm and meaningful house fellowship with bible study students on Labor Day.

bible study

Gratia Church Resumes the Campus Bible Study at SFSU

Gratia Church resumed the campus bible study at SFSU from fall semester 2018. Pastor Julia is leading the bible study to the college students and more students were invited to join. The bible study is held from Tuesday through Friday at 2 pm in the open area of the library. Gratia church prays that

Sunday service

SF Gratia Church Sunday Service : Refiner’s Fire

Gratia community church had a graceful Sunday service with the title of " Refiner's Fire" preached by pastor Tzeng based on the scriptures of James 1:2-4 and 1 Peter 1:6-7. Pastor Tzeng encouraged members to be a mature believers by knowing the trials and tribulations in faith refine our faith.

Monthly Meeting

Gratia Church Held Monthly Meeting & Shares Goals for the Next Half Year

Gratia Community Church held monthly meeting on July 22, 2018 after Sunday service. The meeting started with the June finance report and pastor Julia also reported the mission progress of the month. After that members discussed how to improve church services and help members spiritual growth.

Independence picnic

Gratia Church Celebrates Independence Day with Full of Grace and Joy

Gratia church celebrated Independence Day at Coyote Point Recreational Park on July 4th with members together and it was full of grace and joy. Members had a nice BBQ lunch and had fun outdoor activity with team competition. Members were refreshed in the sunny and bright weather and had deep

Breaking bread

Gratia Church Begins Small Groups and Breaking Bread in Sunday Service

Gratia church began small groups and breaking bread from this week. This was suggested by members during the monthly meeting which was held last week.

Monthly Meeting

Gratia Church Held Productive Monthly Meeting and Housewarming Dinner with Overflowing Grace

Gratia Community church held monthly members meeting on June 17 to discuss the church developments. Frist, Pastor Julia reported the May finance of the church and members were able to see how the offerings and donations were being used for the church. It gave clear understanding for the members that