Gratia Community Church


Independence picnic

Gratia Church Celebrates Independence Day with Full of Grace and Joy

Gratia church celebrated Independence Day at Coyote Point Recreational Park on July 4th with members together and it was full of grace and joy. Members had a nice BBQ lunch and had fun outdoor activity with team competition. Members were refreshed in the sunny and bright weather and had deep

Breaking bread

Gratia Church Begins Small Groups and Breaking Bread in Sunday Service

Gratia church began small groups and breaking bread from this week. This was suggested by members during the monthly meeting which was held last week.

Monthly Meeting

Gratia Church Held Productive Monthly Meeting and Housewarming Dinner with Overflowing Grace

Gratia Community church held monthly members meeting on June 17 to discuss the church developments. Frist, Pastor Julia reported the May finance of the church and members were able to see how the offerings and donations were being used for the church. It gave clear understanding for the members that

Fellowship Center dedication

Gratia Fellowship Center Dedicated with Overflowing Grace and Biblical Priority

On June 10, 2018 after the Sunday service, members of Gratia Community Church drove 10 minutes away to dedicate the new Gratia Fellowship Center. This fellowship center will serve as a campus ministry focal point for San Francisco State University.

Wednesday Bible study

SF Gratia Church Wednesday Bible Study Overflowing Grace

SF Gratia Church had a graceful Wednesday Bible study on June 6, 2018. Pastor Julia preached about the Zacchaeus based on Luke 19:1-10. "The story of Zacchaeus always touches me because it shows the mercy of God through Jesus. The power of change is not judgment nor condemnation but the deep love of

Fellowship Center

SF Gratia Opened A Fellowship Center for State University

SF Gratia church singed a new place for the usage of fellowship center for State University on May 28. Gratia ministers have been doing the evangelism and bible studies intensively in SFSU from Spring semester. Since the bible study was held in the library open space and some students expressed


SF Gratia Church Had A Wonderful Hiking with Campus Bible Study Students

SF Gratia church had a wonderful hiking outdoor activity at Muir Wood National Park with all campus bible study students on May 31 as they wrap up Spring semester. It was fun and relaxing time for everyone and the relationship gets deeper in Jesus Christ through the fellowship.

Sunday Service

Sunday Service : God’s Healing on Leprosy:Unconditional Love Has the Power to Change People

On May 6, Gratia Community Church had a very graceful Sunday service. Pastor Walker delivered the message with the scripture of Luke 17:11-19 entitled "Where are the other nine?" and the message touched all congregation realizing the healing from God is done by His unconditional love and recognize

campus evangelism

Gratia Church Campus Evangelism Strengthens the Mission

Gratia Church youth members are getting more involved in the campus evangelism. During the break between the class, they gather on the campus and share the gospel to the students in the State University. They invite new people to come to know God so that they can receive salvation through Jesus

church flier

A Student Handwrote Beautiful Evangelism Flier

Patrizia, a student among the bible study handwrote a beautiful evangelism flier with cute drawing. She wants to promote the campus bible study to more students. Church ministers and Patrizia will use this new evangelism flier inviting students to the bible study. We pray that more people can be