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  • I Am the Resurrection and the Life

    We are going to look at the recording of raising of Lazarus from the dead. We only read a couple verses since the story is long, but will eventually read whole thing. This recording in Jesus' ministry is a prelude to the Easter story recorded in

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  • If We Claim to Be Without Sin, We Deceive Ourselves

    Today's is a letter from the Apostle John, the last living apostle. Biblical scholars believe this was written 30 years after Paul's death, John is about 90. He wrote is because the apostle saw the church falling into all kinds of heresy and

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  • Your Friends Need You to Share Their Pain

    The interesting thing about pain and joy is that whenever you share a joy, it gets doubled. But it’s the opposite with pain. When you share a pain, it’s halved. When your friends are going through a crisis, they need you to help carry the load

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