Gratia Community Church

Our Pastors & Staff

Reverend Walker Tzeng SENIOR PASTOR

Pastor Walker Tzeng is currently serving as the Senior Pastor of Gratia Community Church. With thanks and humility for Jesus’ calling, he wishes to co-work with his brothers and sisters in Christ at Gratia for God’s mission in the city of San Francisco.

Pastor Thomas Wang (Jiang Wang) CHURCH MINISTER

Pastor Thomas has been changed by God for his purpose of Gospel and now he is willing to go for our Lord Jesus Christ and Father God’s Gospel. By serving in Gratia Community Church, Thomas is appealing more and more people to come and evangelize in San Francisco together.


Deacon Mark has been a follower of Christ since his freshman year in University. He was impressed by the biblical teachings of true justice, true love, and purpose of life that are impossible to find within a non-Christian framework. He serves Gratia Church as a deacon and lay preacher.

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