Gratia Church Commissions Gonzalo’s Family upon Departure to Australia

Gratia church members commission Gonzalo and Joanne’s family upon departure to Australia after the Sunday service on October 20. All members prayed by landing their hands and blessed their new path. Gonzalo has been a member of Gratia Church for about 10 years and now he is going to serve the Lord in the new place with his family.

His heart is trembling, it is not because of the fear and worry but because it is new things for him to go to a different place and do something he never did before. He confessed that this is a blessing and good for his family to serve in the new place. He wants to serve any place that is needed in Australia and he wishes that his faith can grow mature and be faithful all the time. We pray that Gonzalo’s family can be a great strength for Australia and open a wider door for more people can be saved through them.

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