Gratia Church Had Graceful Mission Trip to Las Vegas, Nevada

Gratia ministers had graceful mission trip to Nevada at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas(UNLV) on Jan 2, 2020 with prayer and evangelism. Ministered gathered at the UNLV campus in the morning and prayed before the evangelism. This mission trip aims to set up fellowship members in Las Vegas. The evangelism was very fruitful despite the winter break that only a few students seen on the campus. A bible study was scheduled right next morning out of many surprise.


“Out of my surprise, the students here are very nice and humble. Many students want to study the bible. There are countless casinos downtown but at the other corner of the city, people are waiting for the goodnews.” commented a minister. 


We pray for the revival of the churches around the Las Vegas and more people can know Jesus Christ to receive salvation.

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