Gratia Community Church



Free Mandarin Class for Adults

These classes are for beginners so anyone and everyone is welcome! Students will be taught from native speakers in each language. We will begin with the alphabets of each language and the basics of conversation.


Youth Bible Study at SFSU

Gratia Community Church is offering summer bible study for the youth. The bible study opens in the State University Tuesday through Friday at 2 pm in the library. We welcome anyone who is interested in the bible joining us.


Youth Retreat

Retreat from your work, study, and daily routine and let’s make a deep relationship with God! Dive into the Holy Spirit, let your spirit refresh and revive. Gratia Community Church invites you to the Word of God, Praise & Worship, the fresh smell of pine trees, cool brisk morning in the outdoors,


Free Mandarin Class at Gratia Church

Good news to you from Gratia Church!!! From 2 to 2:40 pm, We are offering free Mandarin class to those who have learned the basics of mandarin and want to practice conversation with native speakers. From 2:50 to 3:30 pm, we are offering free Mandarin class for beginners who are interested in the


Summer Retreat in Gratia Church on August 20-21

Gratia Church will be holding a summer retreat with the theme: here is what the kingdom of God is like ~~~


Free Mandarin class for adults beginners in Gratia Church

We are offering free Mandarin class to beginners who are interested in the language and culture. Our teachers are natives from China who speak fluent English. They are patient and kind and very passionate to teach Mandarin and introduce Chinese culture to foreigners.


movie event and fellowship with each other

Gratia Church will have a movie event next Friday on July 22 from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm in our church at 755 sutter St, San Francisco, CA 94109.